We live in an age within a country where we are infinitely connected. All of us are familiar with handy devices such as cell phones, photo cell phones, digital cameras, and wireless computers, but the fact remains, there's still lots that goes on that we can't get to and onto the pages of STREET RODDER. Of course, it's a numbers game; there are more events than we have staff members or, worse yet, limited number of pages to cover these events. But we are going to give it a shot. You see, there's STREET RODDER the magazine and then there is Streetrodderweb.com.

For starters, we want to publish both in the magazine and the Web more about what's going on with regards to events around the country. And I am not talking about just in the summertime but anytime of the year. So, if you have a great Christmastime get-together or a Valentine's Day event, for instance, that's just as desirable to the readers of SRM as what happens in the middle of August. Remember that space isn't an issue for Streetrodderweb.com, but it is for STREET RODDER the magazine. So, how about you help us by providing photos and information of your events? You can do this by sending us digital or color print photos and information about the event that we can include on our Web site. In turn, we will also select events with suitable photography and information and include them in the magazine. It's a chance to get your club or your favorite event some publicity it doesn't receive on a regular basis or hasn't received at all. The fact is, the rest of us (me included) will then get to see events and cars from sections of the country we normally wouldn't see.

Now, how do you get this information to us? Well, that's really pretty simple. There is the old tried and true method of taking color prints (snapshots you have probably taken for years) and submitting them with some basic information about what's in the photo. Make sure to mark the back of the photo with a number that corresponds to the same number on a sheet of paper where you have typed your info. If the photos are digital, you can submit them via e-mail or burn them to a CD and mail them to me. You can also mail color prints as well. If you want to e-mail the photos, there are some size (resolution) restrictions you should note. (Drop me an e-mail and I can get you through the maze that is digital photography.)

Now, here's where it gets fun. There are dozens upon dozens of digital cameras out there and so there is no one fixed way of saying, "Set your camera to this setting and all will be fine." Now, having said that, keep your photos in the mid- to high-resolution setting of your camera and you should be just fine. For those of you who have a strong knowledge of your camera, you can write in and I will give you additional parameters. The best bet with digital photos is to burn them to a CD and mail them to me. You can send them by e-mail, but you should probably e-mail me first and we can discuss the best way to do this. (Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at my address at the top of this page, and I will get back to you.)

Now that I think about it, why should I limit this just to events? How about you send in photos of garage scenes? We all have buddies working on a car and it has been my experience that there are plenty of other rodders who would like to see these efforts as well. Events and garage scenes are both integral parts of the backbone of how and why our hobby got its start.

Well, there you have it. We are looking for a few good men (and women), as the saying goes. If you want to see your buddy and his car get some much-needed recognition or you really believe you have the best event or at least one worthy of interest, drop us a line. We will do everything we can to work with you to see to it that your event, garage scene, etc., is posted to Streetrodder-web.com and, who knows, some of you may even have your work make it onto the pages of STREET RODDER.