At this point, most of us have heard the bad news, but we'd still like to pay tribute to a friend-the late, great, Steve Hendrickson. Steve was born June 26, 1961, in Algona, Iowa. He graduated from Fairmont High in Fairmont, Minnesota, and attended the University of Minnesota. Steve was brought up in a street rodding family, a hobby he enjoyed with his mom Julie, his dad Roger, and his brother Eric. In '85 he joined the STREET RODDER staff and worked under Geoff Carter. In 1987 he returned to Minnesota and was "coerced" by Tim Remus and Mike Urseth to join a fledgling publication, Midwest Rod and Machine.

Rodder's Digest bought the publication in 1989, and Steve became the senior editor. He joined Motor Books International in 1999 as acquisitions editor and in 2000 moved to CarTech Auto Books and Manuals as editor in chief. This was the position he held until he passed away on June 14, 2006, at age 44. He co-authored "The Hot Rodder's Bible" with Gerry Burger in 2001 and authored three children's books for Capstone Press: "Enduro Racing," "Land Speed Racing," and "Supercross Racing."

His wife Becky and his sons Mark and Scott were first and foremost in all his thoughts. He also maintained a close friendship with "the cabin crew," a motley assortment of grade school and high school chums. He was a hero in the eyes of his family and friends; he will be mightily missed.