Above and beyond being just plain cool, Total has set the base price for the King T body and chassis package at the exceptionally affordable price of $6,995-great news for all those who thought hot rodding was out of their reach financially! For more information, call Total Performance Inc. at (800) 243-6740, or visit www.tperformance.com or www.tbuckets.com.

Miller Electric Motorsports
Come along for the ride! Street rodders and fabricators have gotta check out Miller Electric's redesigned motorsports Web site (www.MillerWelds.com), specifically "geared" for gearheads. Encompassing a sporty flavor for interaction, the site offers an extensive community forum and insight on welding topics and products across the motorsports industry from NASCAR and street rods to choppers and off-road and drag racing.

Enthusiasts are invited to browse topics like "Who Uses Blue" and "In The News" for a behind-the-scenes look at motorsports luminaries who use Miller products. Learn welding techniques from the pros or share your own by participating on the popular "Ask Andy Message Board." There, Miller expert Andy Weyenberg, along with other skilled members, answer questions, provide welding tips, and share their knowledge of sport and machine. The "Related Products" section of the site offers a list of the most commonly used products by specific motorsports industries and skill levels.

"We want to represent a broadened view of the motorsports industry from the enthusiast perspective," said Suzanne Feldkamp, Miller manger of e-communications. "Regardless of your level of interest, from weekend wrenchers to the pros, if you want to learn to weld, weld better, or share your knowledge with others, this is the site for you." Take part in the action by going to www.MillerWelds.com/Motorsports.

Happy Anniversary, Deuce
The "L.A. Deuce" is a 75th Anniversary tribute to the '32 Ford roadster from sculptor Steve Posson.

The Deuce is the epitome of a hot rod and was a real step forward for early rodders because it was introduced with a new engine-a V-8! The Flathead soon put the bangers in the shade and led America into a love affair with the hopped-up V-8.

The body design of the Deuce roadster, regardless of what's under the hood, is a work of art in itself; it looks just right-kind of sleek, but short and all business behind the classic grille.

The sculpture shown here is of a famous Deuce, the McGee Scritchfield roadster. Bob McGee built the car in the '40s and Dick Scritchfield later owned the vehicle. It has an illustrious history; it's been in countless magazines, in movies, and held more than its fair share of Bonneville records. It has a perfect stance with some unusual tricks, like an extended trunklid, V'd front spreader bar, and no door handles and hidden hinges-cutting edge mods for its time.

Posson's "L.A. Deuce" is a fine commemorative sculpture in investment-cast bronze mounted on a marble base (in either white, as shown, or brown) in a limited-edition of 150 castings. This bronze would make a wonderful trophy or gift for an enthusiast. For more information and to get one before they're gone, call Steve Posson at (805) 461-1690, or visit www.possonart.com.