Keep it between the fences,
Frank Ward
Murfreesboro, TN

More On Motor From Motorhead
I just read the Motor editorial. Great job, Chief! Mary Ann and I appreciate the mentions. Even though I was at ground zero for the whole ordeal, it still is an amazing story to read. It has to be the non-internal combustion, feel-good story of the 2007 season.Jerry DixeyRoad Tour ChauffeurYoungstown, OH

Thank you, Jerry. Now get back to planning the '08 Road Tour, which is shapingup to be the best yet!

More On Motor
I just read your December editorial. What does it have to do with hot rods (modified cars)? Absolutely nothing, but it speaks volumes about the bulk of the people in this hobby. Good job.Jeff Hodge
Via the internet

One Last Motor Story
As I have said before, I usually start reading STREET RODDER on page 10. Your articles and stories are always great, not that I always agree with you, but this time you outdid yourself. I want to applaud you and think you deserve a humanitarian award. For sure loved the drive story. I will join one of your Road Tours if I ever get my '40 pickup finished.Billy CruceQuartz Hill, CA

Billy, as always, we enjoy your letters and the staff is particularly fond of them when you disagree with me (which they also do on a repeating occurrence).

Farm Boy
I saw the picture in the November STREET RODDER of the Massey Ferguson (with, I believe, you driving) and I just had to write.

I grew up on a corn, beans, hog, and cattle farm in northwest Iowa, Cherokee County. My dad had a 1939 8N Ford with over/underdrive. It was a fun little tractor. It would do 20 mph in Third gear Overdrive wide open-that was flying for a tractor! During silage-making time, I would drive that little Ford pulling the loaded wagons into the silage pile and return the empties to the chopper in the field. I would "hot rod" that Ford through the dusty field roads and have a ball. This was long before I was 16 and my first experience with hot rodding.

After several old Fords, Plymouths, and Chevys along the way, I now have a garage-built 1939 Ford Deluxe coupe that Mary Lou, my wife, and I drove to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville this summer and had a blast. It was our first Nationals where we actually had a car to drive into the show.

So be it, you struck a chord with me when I saw you on that old Massey. I enjoy the magazine every month. Keep up the good work.
Gene Schipper
Anamosa, IA

Gene, yes it was me on the tractor; in fact, I'm getting ready to do some winter maintenance on it right now. I can't believe how many hot rodders have a tractor story in their past (and many have current stories), but it just goes to show the roots of rodding come from many a different direction.