Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc is happy to introduce its new header mockup kit. Long know for supplying custom stainless headers, Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. has produced a header fixturing process that allows the builder to configure the exhaust on their car at their own location and get a perfectly fit set of custom set of headers without taking their car out of the garage.

The builder is supplied with a set of flanges and collectors with adaptors that are sized for 1 1/2" PVC tubing. Along with the flanges comes a set of adjustable elbows that also are sized for PVC. The builder designs the optimum header configuration right there at their shop, eliminating the necessity to relocate the automobile to another location for custom headers. After the PVC mockup is finished, it is sent in for completion. The PVC mockup is placed in a special adjustable welding fixture that allows for any header design. The headers are then fabricated to the builders exact specifications and then purge welded. They are available in mild steel, 304 stainless, or 321 stainless steel. Since they are constructed using true merge collectors, the primary and the collector diameter combination is endless. Stainless Headers Mfg.
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