SR: Will you eventually build a post-'48 giveaway car?
VW: I would imagine in time this too will occur.

SR: Will there be outdoor corrals for various years, makes, models, etc.?
VW: The participants will determine this, if they want this type of activity and inform us we will do what is required.

SR: Will there be more state reps added?
VW: Right now we will retain the status quo.

SR: Are we going to see you drive a '69 Camaro to the Nats?
VW: Well, I have two '57 Chevys but I am partial to my '39 Chevy. We will see.

After speaking with Vernon one couldn't help but be excited about the future of rodding in the land of the NSRA. There are other associations and individual events who have taken this broader viewpoint with great success. By being one of, if not the oldest, association to cater to rodders nationwide it will add more clout to our hobby/industry and go a long way toward solidifying a strong future for all of us.