My last parting comment will be on traffic ticket fines. As most of you are aware my state is coming up a few bucks short of balancing the budget. What better way to close the gap then to increase traffic fines. If you are faint of heart it's probably best you do not go any further, unless you live in another state, then make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the laugh.

Hot rods are known for not having front license plates, well think twice. Going forward it will cost you $178 for missing a plate. Let's face it. How many guys will actually install the front plate? Speaking of hot rod tickets, an inadequate muffler is a $178 fine.

Failure to stop at a red signal: $436. I get the importance of this but there should be a sliding scale because blowin' through a red light is a whole lot different than creeping through while making a right-hand turn at 3 mph. If you do this at a stop sign, it's $214. Doesn't pay to be a "roller."

Speaking of graduated fines, 1 to 15 mph over the speed limit is $214 while 16 to 25 mph over gets you a $328 ticket. The grand prize comes when you are stopped (presumably voluntary) for travelling at 100 mph or greater. You are given an all-expense ride to jail, car impounded, bail bonds fee, lawyer fees, court fees, and $500 fine, but the state can charge you over $700. You might want to steer clear of this one.

Turns out if you have headsets on (listening to the oldies but goodies), you will earn a $178 ticket, but if you expose one ear to the "world" you are good to go. Go figure.

The next two are good ones and I wish the local law enforcement would step up their vigilance. Violation of disabled parking provisions (first offense) is $976; are you ready, the second offense is $1,876. Failure to provide proof of insurance is $796 and passing a school bus with flashing red lights is $616. All of these, while severe, should be-you're messing with other people's lives.

Well, that about sums it up for now. I thoroughly enjoy living and working in my state but the enjoyment gap between states is getting oh so closer.