Again, I am wandering. Yep, we have a Facebook page for STREET RODDER ( should you want to visit, make sure you click on the “Like” button—apparently that’s a good thing. Facebook lets me expound on all things hot rod, more so than Twitter. Truth be told I am having fun figuring out the whys and wherefores of both. Of course, my day job (remember we still have STREET RODDER magazine) keeps me up late making sure that I am not “too” late with my deadlines.

As for YouTube—well, we are a bit slow but it’s coming. Apparently we need “skin” or something like that and our in-house art guys are working on that and pretty soon we will have lots of videos to show. I am making the assumption it will be about hot rodding.

So, for the record, if you don’t get enough street rodding through STREET RODDER then you can Twitter me cryptic ideas that can be expounded on Facebook that I can then output to video on YouTube. Be on the lookout, I will be the guy at rod runs with more electronic gear in hand than a border patrol agent. In the meantime don’t you worry as STREET RODDER will still be first with just about everything worthwhile in the world of rodding.