“These were factors that had been identified back in the ’50s but had slipped under the rug as drag racing had shifted emphasis to organized sprints, which meant street driven and dual-purpose hot rods became invisible. STREET RODDER was destined to change that misconception. Radically!

“Persistence has been the key to STREET RODDER’s success, as well as the dramatic rise in a street rod industry that was, at first, dismissed by the ‘experts’ as too small an audience to warrant serious consideration. While mainstream hot rodding was drifting more and more to pickup bed liners and still more custom wheels, STREET RODDER and its following arrowed straight to the basics of original hot rodding … fun with cars!

“In the beginning the STREET RODDER staff pulled double duty on the motorcycle titles as well. At the same time, they were becoming more and more polished in the journalistic trade, at a time when we still relied on the manual/electric typewriter and old-fashioned film.

“Several of those staff members remain in the magazine/book trade, some have drifted to other related fields, and some have retired. STREET RODDER remains, doing now what it has always done … to give the reader value for buck and leadership for the hobby. Someday, somewhere, I’ll fill in all the blanks. Thanks for coming along for the ride.”

Thanks to LeRoi for giving us a bit of our own valued history. And, while this is the 40th anniversary issue, you want to be around for the Dec. ’12 issue, when we really get deep into this whole anniversary-issue thing. And, should you find yourself at the SEMA show in Las Vegas come early November you will want to stop by our booth as there will be lots more fun things going on.