What if? That's one of my favorite questions. I imagine most designers would agree with me.

So, what if GM decided not to release the Corvette until 1954, but still wanted a sporty car in 1953? I'm going to say that they would've used styling cues from the Corvette and the Bel Air. Cues like the shark tooth grille and reduced chrome on the front end. Being a two-seater is a must, with the bodywork flowing down in between the two bucket seats into a body-colored console. I think the stylists at GM would then realize that the rear end would need some attention. They would push the back of the deck forward and slope it ahead a bit so the decklid would be in proportion to the rest of the car. This would also make the rear of the fenders resemble fins; hence the "ray" in Delray. The back end rounds out with some curving in the rear fenders in between the taillights and the rear bumper (resembling the front bumper of the '56 Chevrolet on the stylist's drawing table).

Hold onto your fedora, because I'm going to "what if" the "what if"! So, let's assume GM made this mythical beast. What if a street rodder (me) got his grubby mitts on one? Well, first off, I'd drop it down. It needs to be low with a hot rod rake! Polished aluminum slots, 18s in front and 20s in the rear, look at home on this car. For motivation, I'm thinking something in the LS line with a six-speed and 9-inch rearend.

I like bulletproof! For paint, I've always loved the look of flattened pearl and metallic colors. I went with a dark red with an interior color panel on the rear quarter, but I could easily see a deep gloss black with a blood red interior!