A story from Robert K. Smith showed how Cragar made and assembled their S/S mags when they had their factory in Compton, CA.

Of the two T-buckets featured on the cover of the June 1974 issue, this one belonged to Jack Urich and was powered by a blown Boss 429 built by Louie Unser.

A 454 is under the hood and 15x15.50 M&H slicks are under the rear fenders of Ron Fuentes' 1957 Chevy, which hailed from Buena Park, CA. The car was painted Sierra Gold and white.

Hard to believe nowadays, but there used to be a lot of fields and farmlands in the Midwest just piled high with vintage tin. A story on the yard sale Tom Hyde had at his place in Washington highlighted dozens of cars and parts for sale. This photo showed some of the 1932 cabriolets that were selling for between $200 and $500!