Charles Simpson, Jr., Mt. Laurel, NJ / '31 Ford pickup
Charles Simpson Jr. built this wild '31 Ford pickup using a number of unconventional components such as the Rio headlights and big-rig air tank cum fuel tank. Charles chopped the Model A 5 inches and channeled it another 4 before setting the cab on a custom chassis setup for the 235i six-cylinder. The low slung hauler is from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, where Charles resides.

Albert Torelli, Springfield, PA / '49 Oldsmobile 88
One look at Albert Torelli's '49 Olds Rocket 88 and it's obvious to anyone who knows their Oldsmobiles that this particular fastback has seen its number of modifications from the front bumper back. We walked the perimeter of the car and you couldn't count the obvious mods on two hands let alone the ones we couldn't think of.

Ed Flanagan, Mendham, NJ / '39 Ford convertible
Ed Flanagan's dark blue '39 Ford Carson-topped convertible features power everything, Chassis Engineering front suspension and a 350 Chevy combo.