Turtle Wax Tech Tips
Two Myths About Car Care
(and the truths behind them)

1) Dishwashing detergent is safe to use as a car wash. True, but not recommended: Any dishwashing detergent is meant to remove contaminants from the surface, which includes stripping the polymers of the paint surface. It is recommended that you use a safe car wash detergent that is diluted with water in order to avoid rubbing paint off the car.

2) Using a protectant too frequently on the interior can cause leather and interior plastics to dry out and crack. False: Plastic and leather materials are soft and pliable due to chemicals used to manufacture the interior. Over time, the materials lose these key softening ingredients. Plastic shrinks, leather becomes stiff, and wear becomes evident. Interior conditioners, like Turtle Wax(r) ICE(r) Total Interior Care, help prevent "plasticizer" loss to these ingredients, inhibiting the aging process.