Turtle Wax presents
Street Rodder Top 100

Jim Lopochonsky, Greenville, Pennsylvania / '30 Ford coupe
In a time where many Model A coupes look the same, Jim Lopochonsky stepped outside the box and created something new. Kustom elements crept into his build, especially in the interior (done by the owner) where a waterfall console drops down between the bucket seats and up to the dash, and where hospital-style wired glass was used throughout the five-window (except the windshield). Jim's wife, Diana, painted the car.

Billy Morgan, Jefferson City, Tennessee / '62 Chevy Impala
Built at Hudson's Rod and Customs in Straw Plains, Tennessee, Billy Morgan's contemporary '62 Chevy Impala is innovative, especially in the interior, where burnt and perforated sheetmetal is used (where the black leather isn't) to highlight the doors and floor. Custom-painted Coddington wheels, a two-tone green 'n' black paintjob, and an on-the-ground stance help make this a looker.

Cosmo Walker, Chesapeake, Virginia / '32 Ford convertible
Reaching back to a simpler time, Cosmo Walker dressed his '32 with a 300-horse Flathead, Wheel Vintiques wires, Diamond Back tires, and a pleated interior, but then wrapped it in an American Speed convertible body, which the casual observer doesn't even notice.

Dan Fuller, Elyria, Ohio / '34 Ford roadster
Starting with a Lobeck chassis, Dan gathered up parts from Steve's Auto Restoration to build his roadster, and bought skins from Walden's Hot Rod Shop to reskin his own doors. A '50 Ford dash, '37 Ford truck grille, '36 Ford artillery wheels, and a '50 Ford Flathead make up some of the other parts to this classy hot rod.

Jeff Eischen, Plain City, Ohio / '32 Ford roadster pickup
Jeff Eischen's last two vehicles have been featured over the past few years in Street Rodder, and you'll see more on his '32 roadster pickup soon too. With an attention to detail and the ability to not go too far with his custom fabrication, there were tons to take in with his Brookville-based ride, which was powered by a 327 Chevy.

Todd Kindler, Baltic, Ohio / '32 Ford roadster
The design of this roadster centers on war-era aviation theme, from the Eagle Squadron nose art on the cowl to the twin ammo boxes in the trunk (one is a battery box), or from the Frank Wallic-built, riveted aluminum bomber seat to the yellow paint on the tips of the fan (propeller) blades-it's all got a good look to it.

Don Floyd, Shelbyville, Kentucky / '36 Ford four-door convertible
Don Floyd's '36 Ford was recently gone through (he's owned the ride for several years), which included a new interior (designed by Eric Brockmeyer) from Warren Skinnermowe and big 17- and 20-inch wheels. The convertible four-door gets its go from an LT4 backed to a 700R trans.

Bill Croming, Grafton, Ohio / '40 Ford coupe
Having owned this car since 1972, Bill Croming has seen his coupe in several incarnations, but he hit a high water mark this time. He turned to Squeeg's Kustom for the build, which included a 500-horse 402 IR Rousch engine backed to a Richmond six-speed trans, an interior from Gabe Lopez, plating by Jon Wright's Custom Chrome and PPG paint applied by Doug Jerger.

Ed Britz, Delmont, Pennsylvania / '55 DeSoto Fireflite hardtop
Built by the owner, Ed Britz's DeSoto Fireflite takes "The Forward Look" the company was promoting in 1955 and moves it a few steps farther. The top was chopped 3 inches, and a 528 Hemi (with Indy cylinder heads) provides more than enough "oomph" to get the big car down the road. A leather interior and 17-inch Intro wheels round out the package.

Bill Steele, Oakdale, Pennsylvania / '30 Ford coupe
Slightly channeled and with a 4-inch chop, Bill Steele's '30 Ford coupe is a standout in a field of Model A coupes. Power comes from a '55 331 Hemi topped with four Stromberg 97s, and the rod rolls on artillery spotlight wheels. A '38 Dodge dash was modified to fit, and the steering wheel comes from a '57 Lone Star boat.