Linda & Rusty Jackson / Carl Junction, MO / '32 Ford Highboy Roadster
Rusty Jackson, from Odd Rod Creations, finished up this roadster for his mom, Linda, which his father, Roger, had started before he succumbed to cancer. A late-model 5.7L Hemi and five-speed was added to the chassis, and an Odd Rod power steering system directs the action. The convertible body is from Dearborn Deuce, and all of the car's chrome came from Jon Wright's Custom Chrome.

Gary Meitner / Great Bend, KS / '32 Ford Highboy Roadster Pickup
Subtle would be the keyword when discussing Gary's roadster pickup, but there is a lot of extra work to get it to look this way. A 3-inch stretch in the hood coupled with a 2-inch cab stretch gives the right proportions along with a '40 Ford bed, which was cut down 28 inches. Wheel centers from a '38 Plymouth were added to 15- and 16-inch hoops for the wheels, and a 350 Chevy lurks under the hood.

Greg Mortland / East Alton, IL / '32 Ford Highboy Roadster
Though it looks like it has never left the comfy confines of a temperature-controlled garage, Greg and Lana Mortland have racked up tens of thousands of miles on their little hot rod. Many of those miles have included fenders on the car, but Greg recently chose to go without. The body is a Wescott, and the roadster uses a Cornhusker chassis, Wheel Vintiques wheels, and a Bob Top up top.

Dave Tallant / Kansas City, MO / '41 Willys coupe
You can't miss Dave's Willys when it's parked, but chances are you'd remember it when it lights up, too, as the coupe is equipped with a 468 big-block Chevy that pumps out a dyno'd 843 hp! Air Ride suspension, ET III wheels, and a black 'n' flame paintjob complete the package.

Bill Paul / Highland, IL / '32 Ford Tudor Highboy Sedan
Taking a styling cue from the November '82 cover of HOT ROD magazine that featured the Bearcat & Eastwood sedan, Bill Paul recreated the vehicle (with a few personal additions) with an ode to both Pete & Jakes and Super Bell. Paul's steel bodied rod gets its go from a 434-inch small-block Chevy.

Tom Wahl / Lakeville, MN / '62 Ford Fairlane 500
Some folks think this type of the car is the wave of the future for hot rodding. Starting with a 23,000-mile rust-free car, Tom added a 347-inch, 540-horse Ford motor backed to a Richmond four-speed trans. Big 18- and 20-inch Schott wheels are on each corner.

Roger Peterson / Littleton, CO / '37 Ford sedan
Remember years ago when no one liked '37 Fords? Well they weren't being built like Roger Peterson's sedan. A 383 stroker (built by the owner's son, Steve) gives the rod enough power, and the 18- and 20-inch Intro wheels, wrapped in Nitto rubber, gets it to the ground. The gray leather inside complements the metallic red and black exterior.

Bob Holt / Edwardsville, KS / '32 Ford highboy coupe
Bob wisely chose Roger Ward to build his five-window, as Roger is well known for building rods with a spot-on traditional look. The steel body, finished in an Arizona Beige paint scheme, features a leather interior and a '63 409 engine up under the hood.

Jimmy Hervatin / Warrenton, MO / '30 Ford channeled pickup
Even though some folks try and figure out what Jimmy modified on his '30 roadster pickup, they miss the big picture: he handcrafted the entire cab himself out of aluminum! He also crafted the steel bed, and channeled the cab 4 inches. The rod is powered by a 327 and transfers the horsepower to a Winters quick-change rearend.

Dave Jordan / Kaiser, MO / '34 Chevy coupe
Painted Cinnamon and Champagne, Dave's Chevy looks elegant as well as a full-fledged hot rod to boot. Rolling on Billet Specialties wheels, the coupe features an Ostrich interior and a blown 350 Chevy.