Mark Sundell / Waynesville, MO / '37 Chevy Pickup
A Cavalier race car tube chassis, built by Art Morrison, was fabricated to fit under this wild pickup, loaded with a Hilborn-injected LT1 small-block with Phase 6 heads. A custom grille, Headwinds bike headlights, widened rear fenders, relocated front fenders, and numerous other mods were added, along with a beautiful interior.

Chris Staneck / Waynesville, OH / '26 Ford roadster
There's not a lot of money in this hot rod, but a ton of hours. Except for the cowl top, the whole body of this track T roadster is handbuilt by the owner, as is the frame. The Ford Ranger four-cylinder mill is hooked to a five-speed. The front wheels were made by welding VW hoops to the spokes from a pair of '35 Ford wheels.

Larry Henderson / Waynesville, OH / '32 Ford roadster
Some cool components, like the distressed leather and vinyl upholstery and piecrust rubber on 16- and 18-inch wire rims, drew our attention to this traditional Deuce, built from a Brookville body and powered by a 385-horse 350 with Fast Burn heads. It rides on buggy springs with hairpins in front and ladder bars in back.

Gary Bennett / Newport, AR / '32 Ford coupe
Gary was thinking about red or black until a friend convinced him to go with this custom green, with a metallic gold and white tuck 'n' roll interior. The Chevy small-block features decoy Olds valve covers, six Strombergs, and Fenton headers that got the most attention. The five-window rolls on original 'rails beefed up with round tubing.

Jim and Cindy Getter / Sunbury, OH / '31 Chevy sedan
Aside from not being a Ford, close to 100 body modifications distinguish this Chevy two-door sedan. All the wood has been replaced with steeling tubing, and the engine compartment is filled with a 350 small-block. The Night Mist blue paint is contrasted by saddle-colored leather inside the car. The front end is an IFS setup from Heidts.

David Douglas / Murfreesboro, TN / '35 Chevy coupe
The steel-bodied coupe was David's 50th birthday present to himself and he spent the following three years building this Chevy. Marcel provided the 2-1/2-inch chop. All the original wood was removed, the doors open suicide-style, and Roger Burman handled assembly and the Viper red paint. A ZZ4 small-block and 700-R4 automatic move it down the road.

Gary and Debi Deason / Crawfordville, FL / '55 Chevy Gasser
The inspiration for this up-in-the-air Chevy was the '55 Gasser that Gary's dad raced in the '60s. This one was also once an "abused old Gasser," built at home by the Deasons and a few friends, and now doing duty on the highway. The powertrain combo is a Chevy 355 and Muncie four-speed. Future plans are to make it dragstrip legal.

Dan Tallant / Liberty, MO / '48 Chevy cabriolet
Dan Tallant gave the contemporary treatment to his '48 Ford cabrio, including Mercedes headlights, Mazda 626 seats, and a wraparound steel dash. The all-steel car was chopped 5 inches and sits low to the ground on a four-corner airbag suspension. There's a big-block Chevy for power. Tallant did all the work except the upholstery.