The creative relationship Larivee had launched with Chuck grew as the years passed with the creation of a number of other commissioned wild rods, including the Buggs Buggy, Crater Raider, Probe 1, RTS 'Cuda, and the Harry Bradley-designed Sonic 'Cuda. One of the wildest designs brought to life were MPC model's Zingers, which were actually half-scale show cars on steroids filled with full-sized supercharged V-8s. During this time American Motors, Dodge, Hurst Performance, and Plymouth also called on Chuck's talents to create numerous custom-designed cars for their companies. In 1999 Chuck sold Styline Customs while moving toward semi-retirement. Soon after he opened Chuck Miller Studios, a smaller combination shop and museum at his residence in New Boston where he continues to craft amazing rolling sculptures to this day. Never one to slow down, we can hardly wait to see what Chuck unveils next.