And it's Gejeian's history and hands-on experience that separate him from most any other car show promoter. His understanding of what it really takes to build a car allows him a special insight when he announces his choice for Builder of the Year. Having great admiration for who he calls "true builders who really know how to turn a wrench", like Bailon, Barris, Winfield, or DeRosa, Gejeian's pick for this year's Builder of the Year went to Maynard Albertson, who passed away at the end of last year. Gejeian wanted to honor the man who had done so much (so well) with his cars, and who built many cars through the years (including the black Model A sedan on STREET RODDER's July '07 cover) and has shown them at the Autorama.

Another unique aspect of the Fresno Autorama is there are only two "Best" trophies handed out for the show: Best Rod and Best Custom-there is no Second Place or "best use of rock salt" awards. Best Custom was given to Gene and Earlene Elpers from Evansville, Indiana, for their Mint Green '46 Chevy pickup, and Best Rod went to Jerry Magnuson for his '32 Muroc roadster. Gejeian also surprised a few folks when he announced he would take 2011off from producing the Autorama to address some nagging health issues, but plans to be back in 2012. Concerning the '10 show, Gejeian understated the fact when he said he "was happy with the way it turned out," and so was everyone else.