As you can tell from some of these photos, the Goodguys Mid-Western Nationals is held in the expansive infield of an oval track. The Kansas Speedway is home to various NASCAR races and, once a year, to the Goodguys Mid-Western Nationals. It's hard to get lost in the middle of a racetrack, but pack that place with 2,000 rods and customs, muscle cars, and trucks, add an assortment of special car corrals, extensive vendor displays, and an AutoCross, and at the end of three perfect days you realize you've been walking around in a circle and still haven't seen everything there is to see.

As you can also tell, this event is loaded with traditional hot rods. We were impressed by the number of early roadsters, coupes, and sedans built in a nostalgic style. We found a lot of newly finished projects as well as a lot of perennial favorites. From them all, we selected 10 additions to our 2010 Painless Performance Products Top 100 list. In addition, CLASSIC TRUCKS magazine gave away Finest 5 awards from the vast assortment of pickups. Dave Lane of Fast Lane Rod Shop hosted a special corral on Saturday to find his Builder's Choice picks. As always, the Goodguys reps stayed busy picking more than 100 additional awards.

Thanks central state enthusiasts for bringing your rods and customs to the Mid-Western Nationals to show 'em off inside the circle.