Painless Performance Products presents Street Rodder TOP 100

For the Top 100 program, Street Rodder attends 10 particular car shows each year and picks 10 vehicles at each to make up the Top 100. For more on where those shows are and how they’re voted on, check

Tech Tip

Wire gauge size

Electrical wiring is rated in size by a gauge number. Unlike most things in life, wire size gets bigger as the gauge number decreases. Normal automotive wiring ranges from 18 to 10 gauge in harnessing and 8 to 0 gauge for charging systems and battery cables. In wiring, it’s better to be too big than too small.

RF Noise

Radio frequency (RF) noise is like sound to a human. It’s invisible but comes from high voltage devices like an ignition coil or alternator wiring. This noise can make signals for gauges change and signals for your fuel injection sensors change. Always try to keep sensitive wiring away from noise producing devices.