But which comes first, the crowd to entertain or entertainment to draw the crowd? Certainly the framework already exists; a kickoff party happens at a restaurant … in another state. It’s only about half an hour away but it doesn’t exactly foster a sense of place around the show. Goodguys hosts a TGIF party at the host hotel, which is admittedly pretty good but that’s on Friday night and it’s clear across town. Unfortunately there’s nothing on Saturday. A group that finds a way to capitalize on that captive audience stands to profit greatly. Shops at other venues have figured this sort of thing out. Something more than just a show needs to exist to give people something to look forward to if they’re going to stay out of town all weekend.

So does the Great Northwest Nats have potential? Of course it does. It draws enthusiasts from as far north as Edmonton, Rapid City, and Phoenix if you can believe it. The diversity of the cars those people bring proves that the show does indeed attract quality, too. But without our enthusiasm and most importantly our attendance, potential is all this show will have. It’s really up to us to make it happen but a little more incentive would be nice.

So if you’re on the fence next year, take a chance, if only for my sake. At the very least I need a good excuse to visit my pals in the Spokane area. And a really cool show to attend is a great bonus that any of us can live with.

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Tech Tip

Proper Fuse Selection

Installing the correct size fuse in a circuit can be made easy if you know what all the consumption devices are rated at. If there is only one device, like a wiper motor, and it is rated at 9 amps, a 15-amp fuse will offer plenty of protection even in startup mode. A headlight circuit requires the amp ratings of all the lights combined for proper fuse selection. Just verify that the fuse doesn’t exceed the current rating of any given wire in that circuit.