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For the Top 100 program, STREET RODDER attends 10 selected car shows each year and picks 10 vehicles at each to make up the Top 100. For more on where those shows are and how they’re voted on, check

Painless Tech Tip

If you are mounting a fuel pump on the frame, be sure to mount it as close to the fuel tank as possible and as low as possible as these pumps are designed to push fuel rather than pull fuel.

Direct drive starters have been in use since they were first invented. With the invention of the gear reduction–style starter, they draw less current to operate and provide better clearance for engine to frame and exhaust.

Geezer Gassers

A group of nostalgia drag racers called the Geezer Gassers has been showing up in force at strips from Bakersfield to Beech Bend—wherever Gassers still run. Their purpose? To bring back the cars of the Gas class that ran during the Gasser Wars.

The Geezer Gassers was formed at an Indianapolis Goodguys event, where Chuck Lipka’s ’40 Willys was included in a field of four to run Gassers. As they grew in popularity, they were approached by other racers with like-appearing and performing cars. They were tired of the bracket racing, and wanted to run in a heads-up format. To quote Lipka, “Whoever heard of losing at a drag race because you went too fast?”

The Geezer Gassers are from the generation of the early ’60s, captivated by the Gasser Wars. They grew up watching heroes like Stone, Woods, and Cook; K.S Pittman; “Big John” Mazmanian; and “Ohio George” Montgomery create the one-upmanship of the era’s drag race scene. For the Geezer Gassers and other Gasser racers, as well as the fans in the stands, it’s all about living in that past. The Nitro cars and other classes continue to have their followers, but these days you’re more likely to hear, “When do the Gassers run?”