STREET RODDER Magazine's Best Ford in a Ford
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Just the Facts
Year: 1936
Make: Ford
Model: Phaeton
Owner: Hank Langsenkamp
State: Florida

Just one week before the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, Editor Brennan and I were lamenting at the lack of Phaetons at rod events and wondered aloud, "Where have all the Phaetons gone?" (Yes, you can hum the Peter, Paul, and Mary melody now.) Less than a week later I'm standing in the motel parking lot and in rolls Hank Langsenkamp in his gorgeous 1936 Ford Phaeton. One of just 5,555 built in 1936, this Phaeton made the trek up from Ft. Lauderdale to join the AMSOIL/STREET RODDER Road Tour headed to St. Paul, so you can see Langsenkamp is a driver, to the tune of over 48,000 miles on the old tub since it was built in the mid 1990s.

So how does a car carry you that far without problems? Simple, you drop in 351 ci of Ford's finest, add a complete EFI system, and exit the spent gases through custom headers by Hiper-Fab's Steve Hill. A Ford AOD with TCI Automotive Pro Super overhaul kit passes the power back to a Ford 9-inch rear with 4.11:1 gears.

The driveline will get you there but the custom-fabricated Lexan side windows, AIR air conditioning, and Jeff Phipps–stitched Connolly leather over a 1962 Caddy seat will get you there in comfort.

The 1936 may look like a stocker at first glance but the top has been chopped 1-1/2 inches and all the wood in the car has been replaced with steel. DuPont Dark Forest Green covers the flawless panels and Langsenkamp changes up the personality of the Phaeton by swapping wheels from stock-style 1936 Ford to set of Halibrands. Langsenkamp obviously has a love of old Phaetons as he also had a Deuce Phaeton street rod for many years.