Swap Meet

Despite the fact that there are acres of new parts on display in the nearby air-conditioned buildings, there are those among us who can't resist the opportunity presented by the outdoor swap meet. It's the place to participate in automotive archeology by digging through piles of vintage parts, exploring the intricacies of abandoned projects, or finding that elusive great deal.

While not the biggest swap meet to be found, this year's edition did contain some treasures as well as the usual assortment of "optimistic" asking prices. Sought-after sheetmetal continues to be pricey, however the broadening of the traditional definition of street rods (read 1950s and 1960s cars) seems to have resulted in a "market adjustment" of sorts. Prices on many early cars and parts seemed slightly lower than in the past, while later-model machines and components seemed higher. But then trying to get the best deal possible is part of the process, so asking prices and selling prices are often two different numbers. And swap meets are a game of numbers.