Leigh Anne Lemke | Grafton, WI | 1923 Ford T-bucket

There’s nothing cooler than a T-bucket with perfect balance and proportions. Built in 1969, the T served plenty of miles till landing worn-out in a swap meet in 1989. It was rescued by Leigh Anne and her husband, Lee, who tore it down and gave it a dazzling rebirth. The suicide-style frontend features a dropped and plated tube axle while 1957 Chevy binders slow the speed. A Chevy 350ci mill topped with a Tri-power induction generates power while zoomie-style headers dump spent gases. Finally a vivid House of Kolor Royal Blue ’flake body, white rolled interior, and whitewall big ’n’ little rollers bring it all home.

Mike and Marcia Johnston | Livonia, NY | 1935 Ford coupe

The latest build from The East Coast Hot Rod Garage features endless custom metal fabrication, including 3-inch stretched fenders and wheelbase, laid back and sectioned grille, one-off hood sides, and a hand-formed 1939-style rear decklid. Power comes from a dyno-tuned 600hp 428ci Ford big-block mill topped with an Edelbrock dual-quad intake wearing 500-cfm Edelbrock carbs sparked to life by an MSD ignition. A custom chassis features IFS with RideTech coilover shocks and a fully plated 9-inch Ford rear packed with 4.11:1 gears. Bathed in PPG black, a classic Dean Alexander stitched maroon leather interior ensures traditional looks and great comfort.

Kent Writtenberry | Gasburg, VA | 1951 Chevy Fleetline

Traditionally designed customs embody plenty of allure and design elements, giving them endless style and flowing lines. Kentz Kustomz Cycles nailed the look starting with a graduated 4-inch to 3-1/2-inch chop, mild channel, and 2-inch body section accented by a full shave, frenched headlights, and stretched fender skirts. Shaved 1954 Chevy bumpers with 1955 Chevy bumper guards add plenty of appeal while a frenched custom grille completes the look and AccuAir sets the stance. A detailed 348ci Chevy V-8 topped with 3-deuces sends power through a GM 700-R4 trans with wide whites rolling the power. The razor-sharp body was then coated in House of Kolor Kandy Brandywine, giving it a signature look with a custom ostrich and leather interior adding plenty of style.

Jason T. Baran | Moravia, NY | 1956 Chevy 150 Handyman wagon

Simply stated, wagons are bitchin—especially when they cross over into hot rodding. Many times the factory lines and garnish were so well executed it actually makes sense to retain it in the new build. JT’s Custom Paint Garage stripped the body and gave it new life, coating it in R-M Diamond Silver and platinum pearl with all its original details. A custom front IFS and four-link rear gets its stance from RideTech ’bags while 18-inch Boss Motorsports model 338 wheels wearing Falken rubber brings it all home. Seamless power comes from a well-detailed 327ci Chevy linked to a GM 700-R4 trans with stopping power from four-wheel CPP discs. Inside a chestnut leather bucket interior is perfect accented by Dakota Digital gauges and Vintage Air breezes.

Tom and Judy Hines | The Plains, VA | 1930 Ford Coupe

Hilton’s knows how to nail the look of a traditional Model A coupe on Deuce ’rails, giving it a timeless look echoing plenty of post-war style. Starting with a well-balanced 4-1/2-inch chop, the car was set on a Hilton’s chassis incorporating original Deuce ’rails along with a Super Bell 4-inch dropped axle linked to Pete & Jake’s hairpins. Out back a 9-inch Ford rear is suspended in place with Pete & Jake’s ladder bars while Wilson Welding front drums and 1940 Ford rears cool the speed. Zoom comes from a 350ci Chevy V-8 sucking air through an Offenhauser intake topped with a trio of Rochester 2G carbs with Gear Drive headers dumping the gases. The body and chassis were then dipped in PPG rootbeer metallic while the interior features a pleated bench, sprint-style wheel, and Stewart-Warner gauges.