On the third day the weather continued to be great, the crowds were huge, and by early afternoon the show cars were judged and the winners determined. Afterward, the awards ceremony took place in the fairgrounds arena and the giveaway car was awarded from a drawing of raffle tickets. The giveaway car is provided from an annual yearlong project that is built with the support of businesses and the Cache Valley Cruising Association members. This year's winner won a hot-looking '71 Dodge Dart painted in Hemi Orange and powered by a modified 360 small-block (LA engine).

At the end of the show, hundreds of street rods and classic cars make their way over to Main Street in Logan for some fun cruising. The Logan City Police Department cordons off all of the side streets so that there is no normal traffic and thousands of spectators line the sidewalks for about two miles to watch the cruising in action.

This year's three-day show attracted about 30,000 attendees. The Cache Valley Cruising Association hopes you can make it to next year's car show. Better yet, make it a weeklong getaway. There's plenty to see and visit within a day's drive from the show. For more information about the show or how to register for next summer's 2015 show please visit the CVCA's website: cachevalleycruisein.net. We hope to be there next summer and look forward to seeing your car!

Marion Terry's 1929 Ford roadster keeps the FoMoCo theme through-and-through with its 351 Ford Windsor power.

Cadillacs are pretty cool, especially this 1964 Coupe De Ville with its 429ci V-8 and Turbo-Hydramatic transmission. For 1964, Cadillac brought more than a few changes. The 1963 body style was tightened up for 1964 with a bi-angular V-shaped grille and the engine size increased from a 325-horse 390 ci, to a 340-horse 429 ci. The 1964 Cadillacs' new three-speed automatic transmission also replaced the 1963's outdated Hydramatic. This Seacrest Green Iridescent example belongs to Mark and Lori Ohlin. The 1964 model was also the 17th season for Cadillac tailfins!

Fred and Jan Kunze's red '32 coupe is from Arizona and powered by a 350. We especially liked the vintage whitewall tires on this ride. Fred wasn't too specific when mentioning how much horsepower his 350 had. He just summed it up by stating that it had "some" horsepower.

This beige 1940 Ford Standard Coupe might look a little unassuming, but between the fenders lives a factory dual-quad 425ci Buick motor. Buick rated these engines (produced during the mid '60s) at 360 hp. Ron and Jan Olsen are the owners and call Arizona home.

Jim Conway from northern Utah brought out his 1932 Ford with three deuces mounted to a 350 small-block Chevy. Jim's 1932 is old school all the way and he has driven it on the Utah Salt Flats.

The speedometer mounted in the dash inside Conway's 1932 Ford is from a '30s Harley-Davidson police motorcycle. We think it looks really cool.

One of the things we noticed at the Cache Valley Car Show was that lots of the cars had powerplants outside the norm. This ride is powered by not one but two Buick V-8 engines!

Another Cadillac at the show was this 1961 convertible with a slight custom treatment. Under the hood was the stock 325hp, 390 V-8. Richard and Joan Holmes own this one.

This '55 Ford Fairlane belongs to Brad Hulse and is powered by an H.O Mustang, 5.0 (302) V-8. The standard V-8 engines in these cars when new were 272ci Y-blocks and developed 162 hp. The larger 292 (commonly known as a Thunderbird engine) was optional.

The CVCA Main Street cruise on Saturday night packed the streets of old-town Logan. We're already looking forward to Cache Valley Cruising Association's car show for next summer! Hope to see you there and for more info please visit: cachevalleycruisein.net.