Facts & Figures
J.J. Barnhardt
Los Angeles, California
1932 Ford highboy roadster

Frame / Manufacturer SO-CAL Speed Shop (Pomona, CA)
Wheelbase 107"
Modifications Model A rear crossmember, exhaust cutouts on sides of 'rails
Chassis plumbing custom stainless, SO-CAL Speed Shop
Rearend / Ratio Winters (York, PA) quick-change / 3.57:1
Rear suspension SO-CAL ladder bars, Model A spring, Pete & Jake's (Peculiar, MO) shocks
Rear brakes Currie Enterprises (Anaheim, CA)
Front suspension Magnum (Oakhurst, CA) 4" dropped axle, Magnum spindles, Pete & Jake's shocks
Front brakes SO-CAL Speed Shop Functional Fakes
Master cylinder dual reservoir, Wilwood (Camarillo, CA) proportioning valve
Steering box Vega
Front wheel make, size ET, 15x5
Rear wheel make, size ET, 16x9
Front tire make, size Kelly, 165/75R15
Rear tire make, size Continental, 275/70R16
Gas tank stock-style by Tanks
Other chassis items Project Mgr., fabrication & assembly by Ryan Reed, SO-CAL
Speed Shop

Make 1957 Chrysler Hemi
Displacement 392 ci
Machining / Assembly 030 overbore, balanced & blueprinted by Ray Zellar
Crankshaft stock. 3.900 stroke
Rods stock
Pistons Ross, 9.25:1 cr, Speed Pro rings
Camshaft Isky
Water pump big-block Chevy
Cooling fan mechanical
Radiator Walker Radiator (Memphis, TN)
Alternator early Chrysler
Heads stock cast, prepped by Morgan Engineering (Temple City, CA)
Valves / Springs Ed Iskenderian Racing Cams (Gardena, CA)
Manifold / Induction early Hilborn, converted to EFI by Eclipse Engineering (Whittier, CA)
Ignition / Wires MSD (El Paso, TX) / Taylor (Grandview, MO)
Headers custom stainless by Rod Sexton (Orange, CA)
Exhaust / Mufflers custom stainless by Rod Sexton
Other engine facts FAST (Memphis, TN) controller w/ wideband oxygen sensor,
"stealth" engine harness all by Eclipse Engineering (Whittier, CA)
Make Tremec (Farmington Hills, MI) five-speed by Forte Transmission
Clutch Weber disc
Pressure plate Weber
Shifter custom by Forte Transmission
Driveshaft Inland Empire Driveline (Ontario, CA)
Body style / Material highboy roadster / steel
Body manufacturer Brookville Roadster (Brookville, OH)
Body mods trunk floor raised for quick-change clearance, chopped windshield
frame & posts
Hood Rootlieb (Turlock, CA) w/ louvers by Eric Vaughn (Monrovia, CA)
Grille Brookville Roadster
Bodywork Paco Castell, SO-CAL Speed Shop
Paint type / Color PPG / Ferrari Yellow
Painter Paco Castell
Graphics Dennis Ricklefs
Headlights / Taillights King Bee / modified SO-CAL stands
Outside mirror SO-CAL Speed Shop
Other body items firewall cut for handmade lower section by Ryan Reed, SO-
CAL Speed Shop
Dashboard stock dash cut for handbuilt lower portion to accept Auburn
insert, by Ryan Reed, SO-CAL Speed Shop
Insert / Gauges SO-CAL, Auburn-style / Stewart Warner
Wiring SO-CAL Speed Shop, engine & fuel injection harnesses by
Eclipse Engineering
Steering wheel Budnik (Huntington Beach, CA)
Steering column Borgeson-Mullins (Torrington, CT)
Interior mirror SO-CAL Speed Shop
Seats Glide Engineering (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Upholsterer Gabe's Custom Interiors (Bloomington, CA)
Material / Color leather / black
Carpet wool square-weave
Seatbelts DJ Safety