Handsome Highboys
Scotty Troutman's Spare-Time DeuceScotty Troutman has one of those jobs many of us wish we had. When the rest of us are diligently working at our desks or sweating out in the summer heat, Scotty's building hot rods for a living at Alloway's Hot Rod Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. Those guys are turning out some of the nicest cars in the country on a daily basis . About the only drawback he can attest to is the fact that it's hard to work on cars all day long and still be motivated to go home and work on cars at night. But it's working on customer's cars day in and day out that motivated him to use his talent to build his own car.

The base of Scotty's hot rod is an Alloway's chassis with a Currie 9-inch Ford rear and Pete & Jake's frontend with a 5-inch dropped axle. The chassis was stretched 3 inches before the suspension was hung and the 427ci Chevy big-block and TH350 trans were dropped in between the 'rails. American Racing polished five-spokes sit at all four corners, 15x4s up front and 18x10s out back.

Working for Alloway's, it was only fitting to use a Rat's Glass fiberglass '32 roadster body for his build. The body was channeled an inch and a half and a removable top was also made. Scotty handled all the bodywork himself, from prep to finish, including spraying the DuPont 2004 Mazda silver paint. Once Scotty finished the rub-out on the paint, Steve Holcomb at Pro Auto was contacted to stitch up the red leather upholstery, which included building custom door panels and a bench seat.

When Scotty began building his roadster, he said one of his goals was to build a car that looked like those that were coming out of Alloway's shop. Spending nights and weekends working on his silver Deuce, Scotty's done an excellent job in reaching his goal!