A Project For American HeroesThis Summer PRIMEDIA's Super Chevy magazine is teaming up with CARS Inc. and the Roadster Shop and will literally recreate a classic 1957 Chevrolet convertible and sell it at the world-renowned Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, with all proceeds going to the Armed Forces Foundation to help the families of fallen and disabled soldiers.

Multiple partners will be contributing to the '57 Chevy dream car build. CARS Inc. will supply the steel body and complete interior, as well as a full complement of exterior trim pieces, body moldings, and miscellaneous components; everything necessary to outfit a complete car. The Roadster Shop will outfit the body with one of its frames, as well as build the complete turnkey vehicle. Most importantly, Armed Forces personnel have the option of choosing color schemes, interior designs, and exterior trims via the Project American Heroes Web site.

"Project American Heroes is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the military personnel who have sacrificed so much" Super Chevy magazine Publisher Ed Zinke said. "Many of them share our passion for the automobile, so we could think of no better outlet than the creation of the ultimate '57 Chevy."

Super Chevy readers will also be there every step of the way, following the complete build across multiple issues of the magazine. Starting in May, issues will include articles focusing on distinct portions of the project vehicle, including frame, body, suspension, engine, driveline, and paint. Coverage will continue throughout the summer leading up to the final Barrett-Jackson auction event in Scottsdale, Arizona, next January. Many of the giants of the performance automotive aftermarket industry will be contributing products to the project. Companies involved include Heidts Hot Rod Shop, Air Ride, Smeding Performance, Holley, Moser, Stainless Steel Brakes, Competition Cams, K&N, Nitto, and Flaming River, just to name a few.

More information on this exciting program can be found on Super Chevy's Web site, www.superchevy.com, or at www.projectamericanheroes.org, where additional donations will be accepted for this worthy cause.

A Dynamic DuoSteve Legens, owner of Legens Hot Rod in Martin, Tennessee, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Don's Hot Rods located in Germantown, Ohio.

Legens Hot Rod has been a street rod builder and parts manufacturer since the early '90s. Legens has an excellent understanding and reputation in the hot rod industry, and has always been very supportive of the Don's Hot Rod brand and the legacy he started. Don Pilkington and Steve have been friends for years, and Steve said, "It was a natural for us carry on the tradition set by Don." Again, Steve said, "We will keep the Don's Hot Rod name to market the products for the foreseeable."

Don's Hot Rods has been a leading manufacturer of 1937-48 Ford parts, including custom bumpers, grills, hood and deck lid latch kits, hood and deck lid support kits, and many other useful parts since the early '90s. Don's Hot Rods also produce many multi-make parts.

With the acquisition of Don's Hot Rods, Legens will manufacture over 100 products for the street rod industry. Legens Hot Rod is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible with minimum disruption to business. The impressive combination of Legens Hot Rod and Don's Hot Rods makes quite a dynamic pair, with over 50 years of hot rod history. For more info on Legens' array of products and services, contact them at (731) 587-6002 or check out their Web site at www.legenshotrod.com.

Welcome To The Garage"Museums shouldn't be dusty places full of stuff just sitting around, kind of like an abandoned yard sale. Museums should be lively, interactive places where old stuff is used to learn new things." Those are the words of Tony Thacker, executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Auto Club of Southern California-that's why he's so excited about Wally's Garage, the just-opened interactive area within the museum.

According to Thacker, "the idea behind Wally's Garage was to have a place in the museum where our staff could work on vehicles that needed minor restoration and where, when appropriate, the public could come and watch and be involved. They can ask questions but not lift wrenches!"

The first vehicle being worked on is the famous Howard Cams Rattler. "It's one of the original nine California Hot Rod Reunion Cacklefest cars and was hugely successful in the late '60s at southland strips, including Riverside, where Larry Dixon Sr. won the 1969 Hot Rod Magazine Championship," Thacker said. "The car was donated to the Parks Museum by Danny Porche in 2000, and was in need of some resuscitation. Now it's being assembled in Wally's Garage where part of the rebuild will be filmed for Jimmy Shine's new TV show, 'Hard Shine.'"

For more information on special exhibits, museum events, or directions, call (909) 622-2133 or visit http://museum.nhra.com.