After the Sikkens custom-mixed paint went on, the car was rolled out of the shop where Mike and Matt studied what they had created in the sunlight for the first time. Mike made an off-hand joke about "it looks so good without the mirrors we should just leave them off." Matt agreed, and was soon at an electronics store to purchase a mini camera that would be mounted inside the front fender and aimed down the side of the car to act as a side-view mirror. The image gets transmitted to a 7-inch DVD monitor mounted at the front of a custom aluminum console Gamble's made up for the car. Of course wiring the camera into the stereo and DVD player was a chore, but it works just fine and keeps the exterior from having too many bumps.

The rest of the interior revolves around a stock dash design, but with a Dakota Digital gauge insert mounted where the stock gauges used to be. Matt got his big stereo system-half of which are the JL Audio amplifiers mounted in the trunk while the Alpine head unit also controls the Sirius satellite signal.

Classic Auto Air was tapped to supply the cool air, but Mike didn't want A/C vents in the dash so he routed them through the console (including the ones for the rear seating area). Upholstery is about the only thing Gamble's doesn't do in-house, and they left the stitching of the 2001 Cavalier front seats and stock rear bench to the guy they trust with all of their car projects: Mike Roth of Perryville, Missouri.

With the 13 months over and the car back in California, Mike does get to see it (and Matt) when he travels to NorCal to visit friends and family. His observation is "It's a pretty cool car" and is a comment no one could argue with. For some extra photos of Matt's cool Chevy check out the extended feature at