Everyone needs a hobby of some sort. You know-something to get the mind off the day to day grind and recharge the old batteries, so to speak. So, what's a good hobby for a professional street rod builder? Larry Shoaf, owner and operator of Rod Crafters (a full service rod shop located in Welcome, North Carolina) decided that building a hot rod in his spare time would be a perfect source for some well deserved R&R. Go figure.

Actually, Larry's cool little roadster project was the result of a comment made to a few friends during a late night bench racing session. During the course of the evening he mentioned to his pals that he'd like to build a non-Ford open car someday and instantly one of the guys piped up that he knew someone who had an early odd-rod that may be for sale. Come to find out, the car ended up being the remains of a '27 Chrysler roadster, and it was for sale. The rest, as they say, is history.

The remains Larry ended up with actually resembled a few slices of Swiss cheese more than it did a roadster. It was, at best, a pile of hole-filled panels and not much more. Always one for a challenge and looking forward to a personal project he could fiddle with in his spare time, Larry dragged the Chrysler home just about the time his son Mike (a car nut like his dad) came up from Dallas for a visit. During the few days Mike was there he and Larry put their heads together and started bouncing ideas back and forth.Mike even drew a few preliminary sketches of some chassis ideas and body mods that Larry might incorporate into the build, as well. Over the next few days, weeks, and months (remember, this build was an early morning/late night free-time project) a chassis was fabricated and an actual concept drawing completed. And over the next few years of spare-time fabricating and tinkering, the roadster began to come together.With just a bit of minor honing here and there it ended up staying amazingly close to the duo's original design, too.

It may have taken a bit over three years for Larry to fabricate this cool little roadster but, in his eyes, it was time and effort well spent. Those early mornings and late nights allowed him to unwind from the stresses of running a business and keeping up with deadlines and customer demands, all the while crafting a one-of-a-kind roadster that turns heads wherever it goes-and believe me, it goes everywhere.