By June he sent it to City Glass & Upholstery for brown vinyl and loop carpets. Barely a month later he debuted the car at the '08 Goodguys West Coast Nationals in Puyallup. The following day we shot the photos, the car still reeking with that new-car smell.

Though the car is practically new, John already has stories. "On Saturday night after Goodguys I was driving home and it started raining," he recalled. "After throwing some nice tall rooster tails all the way home, I pulled it in to the garage. And even though I was soaked and covered in dirt I would not have done it any different. Cars are meant to drive and this one is really fun!"

But probably our favorite goes back to the car's birth. "I was loading it on to a car trailer when some guy walked by and said, 'Why did you buy that thing? You're never going to do anything with it,'" he said. "I wish that ass could see what I did do with it.