End of the Road
The intense itinerary and nocturnal traveling didn't allow for much siteseeing, but there were some highlights. "The sunrises were incredible," Dave said. "My whole demeanor changed at dawn, as the sun came up and I could look around at the scenery. I loved the Southwest-and that whole area from Montana through the Dakotas and into Nebraska is just wild country."

On Day 8, Dave crossed the Washington border into Canada. He'd covered 48 states, but 900 miles separated him from the 49th. The following afternoon-eight days, 16 hours, and 48 minutes after leaving Needles-Dave cruised into Hyder, Alaska. He'd driven 9,856 miles. He'd been everywhere.

Since September, Dave has kept traveling, continuing to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford by selling T-shirts and posters, and encouraging people to go to www.49in9.com to make a contribution. Stops included the SEMA Show in November and the Grand National Roadster Show in January.

Now, Dave is thinking about more trips-but these won't be solo endurance runs. The Driving For The Kids program is still in the planning phase, but the general idea calls for nationwide cruises starting from different points and converging at one spot, with every participant getting sponsorship.

"This is a chance to let the public know that hot rodders care about doing something, to step up and support an important cause, and to add some goodwill besides burning up tires and gasoline."

Cops and Rodder
Dave had two run-ins with the law-and appreciates both of them. In New Mexico, a friend who works with the Albuquerque Police Department had arranged an escort through town. Dave met the cops at this truck stop west of the city; even the commander was there. From there, several police cars surrounded the well-marked roadster and rode for 22 miles to the town of Moriarty.

The next day, a friend in Prescott, Arizona, notified Dave that her brother, a policeman in New York City, had set up an escort by the New York State Police. When Dave arrived in New Jersey in the middle of the night on Day 4, he got a call from one of the troopers. When he got to the George Washington Bridge to Manhattan, he was to get in the left lane and blink his headlights as a signal. From there, he was escorted through the city all the way to the Connecticut border.