As you can tell, for a giveaway car, this ride has a lot more going for it in comparison to a 1-800 Deuce roadster. And when we asked Dave to take the car out for a spin at the Syracuse Mile dirt track in order to have Chris Marks ( get a few action photographs taken, we could hardly get him out of the car! The Syracuse Mile has been in operation since the turn of the last century, with legends including Ralph DePalma and Barney Oldfield to Rex Mays, Johnnie Parsons, and Al Unser Sr., all finding their way to the winner's circle at the facility.

Organizers of the Syracuse Nationals, the Right Coast Association, did as they had promised and gave the car away at their July event, and it went to Bob and Bev Good of Waterloo, New York. With the car weighing in at just over 1,700 pounds and equipped with a 185-horse motor, we can only bet they're going have a lot of fun with that car!