To give the sedan plenty of off-the-line performance, Derrick located a '57 Chevy 283 and had Allstar team member Bruce Moro load it with performance and appearance. With everything coated in custom-blended Bordeaux vibe, Moro filled the block with a stock crank and rods linked to a set of Keith Black slugs complemented by a lumpy Summit Racing camshaft. The stock heads were then given a special tweak and treated to a set of Edelbrock finned aluminum crowns while induction comes from a pair of Stromberg 94s riding shotgun atop an Offenhauser intake capped by a Vintage Speed adapter. To put the power to the pavement, a warmed-over GM TH350 transmission spins the gusto through an Allstar-designed driveshaft.

With most of the mechanical elements behind him, Derrick now focused on the pile of rubble that loosely resembled one of Henry's brighter moments. To first bring plenty of strength back to the body he repaired all of the rusted and deteriorated sheetmetal and followed by replacing all of the original wood with steel. He then recessed the firewall, added a custom-fabbed recessed gas filler, and new floors. Throughout the build, Derrick studied the car trying to decide whether the body would need a chop. A decision was made to zip 2 inches from the sedan's lid, giving the body the final bit of soul the car needed. Once all of the bodywork was dialed in, Derrick filled his spray gun with custom-blended DuPont Benny Blue, and laid down the mile-deep gloss.

In the final assembly stage, the entire crew at Allstar, including Mark, Bruce Moro, Dale Cavanaugh, and Tyler White pitched in to bring the car near completion. With the uniqueness associated with every Allstar build, the interior would receive an injection of personality ensuring the car would always get more than a second look. Derrick came across a unique pair of vintage movie theater seats and modified them to fit. Working with Guy's Upholstery in East Hartford, Connecticut, they were covered with a combination of blue striped cloth and maroon vinyl while the floors received a basic black loop pile carpet. A '32 Ford coupe dash filled with a '40 Ford gauge cluster helps monitor the vitals while a '40 Ford steering wheel plots the course and gear changes come fast through a Lokar stick. A rollaway roof cover by CZ's Upholstery in Southington, Connecticut, lets the sunshine in on those long drives when Derrick and his wife, Danielle, hit the road.

This is one hot rod that proves fortitude got the job done. We're sure Derrick's dad would have been proud to see this car grace the field of any car show knowing it already has loads of hard road miles under its belt.