Back at SRRC the Auto Meter gauges were fitted to the '59 dash pods, a Custom Autosound stereo system went in, the controls for the Hot Rod Air A/C system were set up, and a 14-inch American Retro wheel was bolted to an ididit tilt column.

Once the car was exactly the way he wanted it, Don towed it around to various car shows (where it started to collect awards) but as soon as the season is over (Don wants to protect the paint for the shows), he intends to drive it as often as possible. His '39 Ford cover car has 5,100 miles on it, but he says he stays a lot warmer in his Biscayne rather than the convertible, plus the grandkids like riding in the big Chevy because they can see everything through the car's big windows. The downside for the car, as it turns out, is its massive size (16 feet, 7 inches long, according to Don). His daily driver is tiny in comparison, and he has to get used to the boat-like dimensions of the '62. But in the few miles he's gotten to drive in it he says it's better than he'd hoped for, and he looks forward to many more miles of happy motoring in the future.