To complement the traditional feel out back, a Winters Performance V-8 quick-change was suspended in place by Pete & Jakes ladder bars along with a Welder Series antiroll bar and J&M Rod Works panhard bar, while QA1 coilover shocks soak up the bumps in the road. To bring plenty of stopping power to the table, a SO-CAL Speed Shop finned aluminum drum/disc system does the job up front while late-model Ford brakes capped with SO-CAL Speed Shop's finned aluminum drum covers reside out back. Classic rollers seal the deal with a set of custom 16-inch steelies with '58 Plymouth centers and Spyder caps wearing Firestone/Coker wide white big 'n' littles to set the rake right.

Keeping performance at the top of the list for the build, McDaniel contacted Blueprint Engines of Kearney, Nebraska, for one of their stout 355ci Chevrolet short-blocks machined to perfection and filled with plenty of go-fast goods. Steve's healthy V-8 is packed with a Scat forged 4340 crank and rods, given plenty of thump from a COMP Cams stick, and topped with a pair of RHS Pro Action cast-iron heads. McDaniel assembled the engine and gave it plenty of breath thanks to an Edelbrock dual-quad intake capped by a pair of Edelbrock Performer 500-cfm carbs wearing Stelling & Helling-styled air cleaners. An MSD ignition sparks the Mouse to life while lakes headers from Gear Drive Speed & Custom dump the gases. Real hot rods have three pedals so a vintage Muncie M21 gets abused through a Hurst Street Super Shifter with power spun through a custom driveshaft to the Winters Performance quick-change rearend.

Focusing on the body, McDaniel had plenty of voodoo planned for it once it was stripped to bare metal. First to go was the chopped Carson-styled top. After evaluating the vintage steel, McDaniel set a game plan to treat Henry's creation to just enough custom fabrication and give it a new lease on life.

With the top and windshield gone, McDaniel focused on adding a bit more interior room for Steve so he stretched the front of the rear quarter-panels by 2 inches. To give the car some classic personality a Hallock-style windshield was fitted after McDaniel raised the cowl to perfectly accommodate the changes. While studying the body with team member Bill "B.J." Jones, the pair came up with the idea of creating a flip-up cowl section to allow access to everything typically hidden up under the dash. Utilizing the cowl side body line and the lines from the base of the Hallock windshield, they crafted a truly unique flip-up configuration for the cowl, creating one of the most signature elements of the car. Add in a perfect 3-inch interior channel inside the framerails and you have the makings for a truly unique and comfortable '29 Ford.

Once the team ironed the body straight, Jones loaded his spray gun with plenty of PPG Norsea Blue pearl vibe and laid down a polished suede coating like no other. With the car in the reassembly stage, McDaniel focused on designing a dramatic all-aluminum panel interior to complement the vintage black vinyl covered Austin Healey buckets. McDaniel deftly crafted the panels as well as a custom dash rail and secured them into place with 1,257 rivets. The custom shifter and emergency brake handle perfectly complement the gauges from Mooneyes and steering wheel from LimeWorks while the wood floors are a work of art all by themselves. Seeing the crowds the car attracts while it's parked with its cowl panel flipped open is too cool. Hearing Steve tear up the road with the lake pipes open is downright bitchin'.