When it was time for bodywork and paint the roadster traveled to Bright, Indiana, home of Woody's Hot Rodz. Chris Sondles and crew gave the fresh steel body plenty of attention, while Joe Shinliver handled most of the bodywork and treated the body to a coating of urethane primer before it went through a few cycles of block-sanding and re-priming. Shinliver painted the car using PPG materials mixed in a color called Angora adding two coats of blue pearl before laying down the final clearcoats. Brett Davis provided Shinliver plenty of help on the bodywork and paint with the results speaking well of their efforts. Countless hours of color sanding, buffing, and polishing took place to perfect the finish, while the rest of the Woody's crew worked hard (and patiently) to reassemble the car. The brightwork was handled by J&P Plating in Portland, Indiana, while the crew at Woody's installed Dynamat before starting on the interior.

While Dave's '31 roadster is larger than the earlier ('28-29 Model A) bodies, it still doesn't provide much room for upholstery with its tight confines, so the remaining real estate features simple black leather stretched over custom door panels, and a pair of bomber seats from Speedway Motors. Matt Baldwin at Woody's Hot Rodz took care of the interior, while the remaining parts, like the E&J mini headlights, were installed for the final time. Shark gauges ride in the custom dash, and a four-bar steering wheel attaches to the Flaming River column. Creature comforts are at a minimum, but Dave doesn't need a radio or air conditioning to enjoy spending time behind the wheel of his hot rod.

It was no easy process putting Dave's shark idea to paper, and then into reality, but a trio of shops got the job done, and made it work. Cool details from front to back entertain the eyes, while the throaty exhaust from a small-block Ford keeps the Blue Oval spirit alive and well. There's no mistaking this shark for any other car on the fairgrounds, and you can bet Dave prefers it that way. It's a sleek and stylish roadster with lots of unique details, and it was born from the simplest of ideas, which makes it even cooler. Car guy creativity at its finest.