With the rolling chassis and drivetrain completed, the team at Dorn's focused on stripping the coupe's body down to bare metal to assess any needed repairs and outline many of the cool custom touches planned. Once the body was ironed smooth, the team worked their craft by filling the cowl vent, removing and filling the horn grilles, rounding the door tops, shaving the rumble seat handle, and tucking the spare tire mount closer to the body. It's the subtle modifications that forever change the way a car will look once it hits the streets. Knowing this, Butch fabricated a pair of sultry rear fender skirts as well as some curvaceous lake pipes to bring the final bit of dazzle to the party. After the bodywork was completed with every panel massaged to perfection, the coupe was rolled into the spray booth where Doug Dorn filled his spray gun with plenty of PPG Performance Red to lay down a glistening vibe. Gail knew she wanted a period-correct interior to wrap up the deal so she contacted Bob Burns of Eaton, Indiana, to cover a Wise Guy's seat and door panels with yards of perfectly pleated Adobe White Naugahyde accented by just enough red piping. To keep tabs on the vitals during long hauls, a set of Auto Meter gauges do the trick while a Lecarra Mark 10 steering wheel helps Gail navigate the course. A lot of great friends helped her pull the project together, including Doug, Brad, and Stewart Dorn; Ken Jasper; Scott Reasoner; and especially her husband, Butch. All we know is that this is one '36 Ford that will never gather dust from lack of use 'cuz Gail likes her hot rod ready to roll with a full tank of fuel. We couldn't agree more.