The showpiece of this hot rod is not only the one-off body based on the proven lines of a '33 Ford roadster but the electric retractable/folding metal top. The handcrafted body was fabricated and "massaged" into shape by Pete who included such body mods as a 4-inch pie cut section from the hood, channeled the body, and all panel parting lines smooth over. The hood, grille shell, and insert are all one-offs by Pete who also did the body- and paintwork. The custom mix DuPont Hot Hues Bronze Pearl was applied by Pete. The headlights are Headwinds (Monrovia, CA), the taillights and outside mirrors are all custom items from the shelf of Hagan Hot Rods, while the brightwork was applied by Advance Custom Plating (Nashville, TN). Even the windshield was made for the Coopster.

Not bad for an evening's worth of bench racing, seven years of hard work, and homebuilt!