Tom wanted to go with a more factory look, so the Noones used an original-style Gypsy Red and Shoreline Beige vinyl to cover the original split bench seat in a two-tone reminiscent of a '50s-era car, and the pattern was carried over onto the door panels, too. Hush Mat insulation was installed before the red loop carpet went in, and the Noones also stitched the custom black top for the car.

The dash, though it still has its factory dual humps, now sports custom chrome panels through the middle section, and a Classic Instrument BelEra multi-gauge setup. An Impala-style steering wheel (a 15-inch item from Southern Rods) bolts to a polished stainless steel column from Flaming River, while a Southern Air direct fit, all-electric (no vacuum), climate-control system was also installed. Rob Hyson, using a harness from Rebel Wire, electrified the hidden Kenwood stereo system as well as the rest of the car.

After a total of seven years of construction, Tom's goal of having the straightest and nicest car he could have had been achieved. Through the years he has owned and enjoyed many types of hot rods, but the path Tom took to get this one done was not only a bit longer than most, but probably one of the most satisfying, considering how the finished product turned out.