Tech Tips


How do you properly break in a camshaft?
Properly breaking in a camshaft is extremely important for both the camshaft and the engine you put it in. When installing a new camshaft, always use a high zinc oil (such as the COMP Cams Break-In Oil) or a break-in additive package. Once the cam is installed, turn the engine on and vary the rpm of the motor between 2,000-2,500 for about 25 minutes. Never continually try to start the motor if you can’t get it to fire with the new cam in it.


Why am I losing 12V switch power when cranking?
Losing 12V switch power when cranking the engine is a common problem with a simple solution. In most cases, the problem is that power wire has been attached to an area that does not supply power when cranking. Simply use a voltmeter to ensure you are hooking the power wire up to an area that does maintain voltage during cranking.


Correcting the idle.
If your Weber carburetor-equipped vehicle is tuned correctly but not idling properly, you may need to adjust the master idling screw. The location of the master screw varies according to system type, but on all V-8 and V-6 systems there are only two carburetor mounted speed adjusting screwsone on each side. Simply turn the screws in or out to adjust the idle.