The body got some royal treatment with the hood center slightly recessed in front, a shave, one-off handles following the body line, and fin lamps opened a touch to keep things in proportion. A coat of matte Wasabi Green (with an Olive toner) spices up the carbon gray trim. We painted the lower bumpers (after opening the front a touch and notching the rear for exhaust), but left the brightwork on the centers. A chrome spear on the lower flanks ties it up neatly. The lighting is modern; front halo lamps and rear LEDs.

Inside, medium gray leather covers front buckets and a rear bench. Creature comforts are plenty, but no digital gewgaws ruin the classic feel. This is still a ’61 Caddy and it should retain that personality. It’s a unique classic with modern convenience and looks, and literally tons of fun on tap.

Eric Black
’58 Pontiac Station Wagon

I love Pontiac wagons and have dreams of towing my vintage trailer with a Poncho long-roof. This two-door is loosely based on the ’57-58 Buick Caballero/Olds Fiesta wagon styles. Although they were four-door wagons, their hardtop styling with a non-existent B-pillar was impressive, to say the least. These are the elements that most influenced my Poncho two-door wagon design, which uses the roof lines of the ’58 Bonneville. The top is highlighted by a slight recess and stainless strips to add some detail and balance the style of the abundant side trim.

Adventurous Pontiac diehards might stick with a Tri-power-topped 370 and four-speed Hydramatic, but I might opt for the conservative route with a 283/700-R4 setup. With any wagon, stance is super important, so all levels would be achieved with an AccuAir e-Level system. Wide whites and chrome reverse wheels set that late-’60s vibe with a bit of restraint.

Remember ribbon candy? The color combination for the wagon was inspired by those teeth-busting hunks of sugar in my grammy’s candy dish. The two-tone lavender is accentuated by every piece of stock trim available. The two-tone theme is carried indoors. Road trips require comfort and many hours would be spent behind the wheel, so the interior is outfitted with good support, heated seats, A/C, and a smooth stereo. The interior trimming continues to work off of stock themes, but some additional stitch detail and sparkly threaded materials would bring it to that desired mild custom level.