The interior is the perfect complement to the rest of the ’32, with the color theme swapped. Black is restricted to the carpet, stock steering wheel, and dash. Mooneyes supplied the engine-turned-dash insert as well as blackface gauges; the wiring was accomplished with the use of a Painless Performance kit. Like the bodywork and paint, the upholstery was accomplished prior to Cliff’s involvement, but the red vinyl tuck ’n’ roll on the aftermarket bench seat and door panels suits the whole look. Cliff rolls down the windows when he wants air conditioning, but the coupe does feature a an underdash head unit for tunes.

Now that Cliff owns the hot rod he always wanted, he’s having a blast. When we saw the Chevy in Culver City, Cliff was about an hour away from winning the Best Hi-Boy award at the Cruisin’ Back to the 50’s Car Show, hosted by legendary builder and custom car icon George Barris. That’s when we first heard the story that began in the late ’60s. The next time we saw the Chevy was later that day at the top-secret location where these photos were taken. “I have entered it in a few local car shows, and it gets lots of stares when my wife, Carol, and I go for Sunday drives,” Cliff says. “It’s been great finally having the hot rod of my dreams.”

Triple Rochester 2Gs on an Offy intake feed the well-dressed small-block—reflected in the near-mirror finish of the firewall.