With the car now in its rolling stage, it was time to focus on the interior. To infuse plenty of personality into the business office, Joe installed a heavily modified ’51 Ford dash filled with ’53 Buick dials linked to custom wiring by Gas Axe Garage. With true on-the-floor seating, thanks to the chop and channel, a pair of custom buckets upholstered in pleated white and black vinyl work perfectly to accent the matching door and kick panels as well as the headliner all by Rex Parson of Grand Rapids, Michigan, giving the car plenty of good looks. The final icing comes via a custom-cast ’40 Ford–style polished aluminum steering wheel linked to a custom aluminum column by Dorr and Kirk Brown of Crafty B of Caledonia, Michigan. Dorr credits all of his great friends and craftsmen for bringing the car to completion. The new coupe definitely pays homage to ’60s-era show rods and their classic use of style and color. Since the car’s debut, it has visited 18 states and continues to wow the crowds whenever it rolls into town, and to us that’s downright bitchin’!