A Vintage Air Front Runner was used to assist in keeping all engine drive components tight to the block. A custom radiator and fan shroud was built by Tucci utilizing a Vintage Air 18-inch electric fan. Engine compartment space was at a premium primarily because of the turbos. The complete exhaust system was fabricated from Stainless Works 3-inch mandrel-bent builder kit and a custom set of Flowmaster mufflers. Tucci fabricated custom tips that run through the rear bumper with a stainless mesh and billet bezel finishing off the exhaust. The exhaust system was coated from Jet Hot using Jet Hot 2000 coating, not only did they coat the complete exhaust, they completely covered the exhaust system with Cool It Thermo-Tec exhaust insulating wrap. This was to try to keep the underhood temperature down along with under car temperatures from the extreme heat the turbos produce.

Tucci used Bigstuff 3 engine management system and Patrick Barnhill. The Nomad makes 1,100-plus rear-wheel horsepower and 1,500-plus lb-ft of torqueat 5,500 rpm on pump gas. All of this power is handled by Budnik Shotgun wheels with powdercoated centers and a brushed outer hoop.

Body and paintwork was another area that needed special attention and Tucci brought in Andre Carey from Andre's Customs and Rods for this project. Also helping apply Lizard Skin was Walt's Custom Body. Carey wasn't able to finish the bodywork and paint, so Tucci brought in Rich Thayer. DuPont had a new charcoal and orange they suggested and both Jim and Tucci agreed. From here Thayer laid out the unique two-tone paint scheme. After the paint was complete Tucci applied Dynamat on all the interior floor and door panels.

After the build on the air boxes and intercooler was complete, Tucci wanted to create a grille that was unique but retained the '55 look. Tucci took stainless tubing, flattened them in a press brake, and had Jim machine uprights that the flattened tubes would lock into. While doing this, they retained the stock hole openings that allowed them use the stock bezels. Tucci then asked Joe Arcuri from Arcuri Design to design a bezel that slid over the top and bottom of the grille uprights to finish off the ends. These pieces were machined by Profile Racing out of stainless steel.

An AccuAir e-Level air management system is employed to control the air suspension. A custom set of clutch, brake, and throttle pedals were fabricated by Tucci and connected to the Kugel Komponents reverse-mount 90-degree underdash system. Vintage Air also supplied them with the underdash A/C and heat unit. Tucci modified the dash by using the passenger side speaker bezel and installing it in the driver side to use the same bezels and installed a '55 gauge cluster by Classic Instruments with a custom-made clock for the passenger side and a matching boost gauge for the driver side. They used a stainless steel tilt column from Flaming River along with their steering wheel and U-joints coupled to a Unisteer power rack-and-pinion. Tucci used an Alpine DVD fli-out screen stereo head unit and Kicker speakers and amplifier.

The front seats were covered in leather by Rich Perez from RP Interiors, while the rest of the interior was finished by Jamie McFarland from McFarland Custom Upholstery. Also helping McFarland was Tom Bidle. Tucci used American Autowire Highway 22 system to handle of the electronics.

He fabricated a custom aluminum gas tank that incorporated an under belly pan that runs from under wheelwells to the custom rear bumper. Two more belly pans were also fabricated in the middle of the chassis; they were louvered by Louver's Unlimited.

As we mentioned earlier the whole is greater than its parts and we are thankful that Tucci and Jim gave it a shot.