The car runs straight and true, too. The 383 engine produces 415 hp and a hefty 470 lb-ft of torque, so there’s no question when the Tremec five-speed transmission and Halibrand quick-change deliver the knockout punch to the 18-inch Firestone skins that look at all the world as if they rolled right out of 1938. Pachi gives credit to Source Too Machine for helping bring the old Chevy mill back to life, machining all surfaces to tolerance. Source Too also cut the three carburetor stacks that sit atop the Barry Grant Six Shooter induction system. A matching set is found on father Dave’s roadster. “My wife, Nikki, and daughters, Kepa and Adia, were patient with me during this five-year build,” boasts Pachi. His 3-year-old son Txema was another story. “He was born in the middle of this project, and as soon as he was old enough to walk he liked hanging out in the garage with Dad and me. He’s one of the main reasons we finished the car before this year’s roadster show!” Obviously the little tyke knows how to run a tight shop.

Pachi’s ’29 also happens to be joined at the hip to his father’s ’32 highboy. “I find myself looking at these two roadsters and saying to myself, ‘like father, like son.’ The truth is, the black paint and velocity stacks are the only two things the same. But we share a real passion for hot rods.”

But if Txema has his way, Pachi will have to change the family mantra to: “Like father like son like grandson.” And sharing a love for hot rod roadster is partly what the Father’s Day Show is all about, no? Moreover, this year’s show was the perfect place to debut Txema’s, er, Pachi’s car.