Whatever bodywork skills Derick learned on the Chevy when he was 12 really paid off. His design goal was to combine “elegant” and “simple.” He left the top the stock height, but lengthened the hood, rockers, and decklid 3/4 inch each. The grille was smoothed, custom parking lights added, and all the panels were molded and shaved of trim pieces. The exceptions to all that clean sheetmetal is the trim where the body meets the top and the smoothed driprails. Derick finished the ’51 with DuPont Premium Brown with bumpers and trim done in Sepaug Silver, a BMW color. He saved a little silver for the spokes of the Boss Motorsports wheels and added “Business Edition,” custom caps, which match the center cap on the steering wheel. The 18- and 20-inch five-spokes are wrapped with low-profile Toyo rubber.

The Chevy was a success at the Detroit Autorama, winning a spot among the Great 8 finalists for the Ridler award, and winning even more attention for its designer/builder. At the age of 26, Derick is still a young gun. Expect to hear his name more, and see many more remarkable customs rolling out of Samson Design in the years to come.