When it came to stepping up the vibe of the Bel Air’s exterior, Stewart worked his magic adding just enough subtle enhancements to complement its iconic allure. Starting with the roofline he gave it a graduated wedge-chop from 1-7/8 inch at the windshield tapering to 3/4 inch at the B-pillar. From there a bevy of custom touches included gradually sectioning 1-1/2 inches from the tops of the front fenders, making them one-piece units, and adding Studebaker headlamp bezels. The ’57 Chevy backup lights were used for front turn signals, front and rear bumpers were flipped, tucked, and made one-piece units, and the driprails were molded to the body. Other notable touches include ’56 T-Bird door handles, removed vent windows, side moldings lowered and flipped, and endless custom fab work underhood. Once all the revisions were completed the team at One-Off massaged the body to perfection then laid down a lustrous coating of PPG Red Tint gloss bringing the creation to life. After catching their collective breath, the team moved inside to the interior working their special voodoo on the dash by removing the passenger side hump, relocating the glovebox to the center, inverting all of the switches, and smoothing out the balance. For comfort, reworked ’62 Impala buckets were added along with a custom back seat, all covered by Mike Haverstock of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in silky smooth taupe Naugahyde with complementing loop pile carpet. With navigation through a redone stock wheel and shifting thanks to B&M, Clay’s business office exudes an element of classic perfection. All we know is that once the engine sparks to life, this Street Shaker commands attention anywhere it rolls and to us that’s just plain bitchin’!

Tech Tips


How do I select the right distributor gear?

Correctly matching your distributor gear to your camshaft is critical. Distributor gears should be softer than cam gears to allow for proper mating and prevent excessive cam gear wear. Hydraulic and solid flat tappet cams need cast-iron or composite gears. Austempered ductile iron hydraulic, solid roller, and nitrided cams need hardened steel and composite gears. Finally, billet steel hydraulic or solid roller cams require either bronze or composite distributor gears.


How can I upgrade my XFI to XFI 2.0?

Upgrading your original XFI requires a flash update to the C-Com XFI Windows-based software and can be emailed directly to the customer. Call a FAST technical service rep to have the file emailed to you for a small fee. He or she will simply need to know the serial number of your unit. The unit does not need to be sent to FAST, but if you wish to have your cover updated to reflect the change, the unit may be shipped to FAST for replacement for a small fee.


Are there EFI versions of traditional looking Weber 8 stack systems?

Ingelse partnered with FAST to create electronic fuel-injection systems that look as beautiful and exotic as traditional Weber induction systems but offer all the benefits of modern EFI. Available with either EZ-EFI or XFI 2.0, and with discreet fuel rail placement and specially designed 50mm IDA throttle bodies, each Inglese EFI Induction System is a completely customized, one-of-a-kind creation tailored specifically to your needs.