When it came to breathing new life into Henry’s original steel, Vrankin started cutting and didn’t stop till he reached perfection. In working his magic, the body was channeled 3 inches, door bottoms and rear quarter-panel bottoms were extended 1-inch, rear inner wheelwells were widened 2-1/2 inches, door edges were rounded, and the firewall was recessed. Additional custom work included a one-piece windshield, Mercedes-Benz headlights, frenched taillights, and shaved door handles and bumpers. With all the fabrication completed, Vrankin massaged the body to perfection and laid down a lustrous coating of DuPont Hot Hues Midnight Tides vibe, bringing the car to life. Moving inside, Vrankin modified the bottom of the stock dash to accommodate a Vintage Air system. While Classic Instruments dials monitor the vitals, a Colorado Custom steering wheel linked to a Flaming River column handles the navigation. The final glamour came from Paul Atkins of Hanceville, Alabama, who stitched up a memorable business office awash in tan leather with complementary square weave carpeting and amazing attention to detail. The completed car has just the right combination of allure and attitude to make it a standout Street Shaker in any crowd.

Tech Tips


Flat-Tappet Break-In Tip

Always remove inner springs when breaking in a flat-tappet camshaft to ensure cam and engine safety. After spending at least 30 minutes varying the engine rpm periodically from 2,000 to 2,500, put the inner springs back in.


Distributor Positioning

Always make sure that the module in your dual sync distributor is installed in the correct position for the crank reference angle that you are using. The module will need to be moved if you plan to use the 50-degree reference angle.


Perfect Syncing

The four “inside” barrels are the most critical in the syncing process. In fact, your Weber carburetor system will work great even if there are small inconsistencies between the “inside” and “outside” stacks. As long as the four “inside” barrels are properly synced, your system will function perfectly.